Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

I was introduced to Indian (Vedic) astrology many years ago. It fascinated me that one could learn so much about oneself using information as simple as a date of birth, time and place of birth.

Inspired by what I could learn, and perhaps what I could teach others, over a decade ago I decided to learn the science and method of Indian Astrology. I acquired knowledge through reading many textbooks, and have had the good fortune of meeting several astute and very humble experts of the science who graciously shared their knowledge with me. I could not have gained this knowledge without the aid of some the Assistive Technology equipment I have reviewed in this blog.

What is an Indian Astrology birth chart?

A birth chart based on Indian Astrology is a map of the skies created when the person is born. Indian Astrology utilizes the concept of an individual’s Karma (How actions of a person’s previous life effect his or her next life.) (Or how actions during infancy of a child effect that person later in life.)

While a simple view of a birth chart can identify ‘fixed Karmas’ such as the person’s parents, siblings and physical body features, it is the task of a well-studied and seasoned astrologer to identify and navigate the person through obstacles, opportunities,  and evils through a lifetime seen in a chart.

Such astute astrologers are a hallowed gup. One that are in low commodity in today’s day. 

To be clear my own Indian Astrology predictive experience is moderate compared to astrologers who have spent most of their lives learning the science and enhancing their skills by evaluating many charts,


With so many factors to consider in person’s life one attribute any great astrologer must have is strong intuitive ability. Something that is difficult to learn from a textbook. I feel the loss of two of my senses has strengthened my intuition. Harnessing intuition has made me more aware of my surrounding including the aura around me. In turn the use of intuition has indeed enhanced my predictive skill in the study of Indian Astrology.

I offer my service to guide you through managing obstacles and unknowns of life through the view of the stars and methods of Indian Astrology.



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