Welcome to The Seer

The Seer connects my experience living with a visual impairment with my optimism that technology has and will continue to bring enhancements to visually impaired people in the form of visual aids, wearable technology and more.

Technology has enabled me to pursue academic channels and self-education, endeavors into new hobbies, employment opportunities, and perhaps most importantly to stay informed with the culture, society and world around me.

The Seer intends to educate, guide and offer insight on how to pursue goals and passions using technology that makes these tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

The Seer includes a collection of my own reviews of consumer electronics, Assistive Technology products, and software that I have tested, previously used, or currently use. These reviews and feedback are focus on the use and effectiveness of product’s display screens and monitor’s magnification technology.

The Seer welcomes comments, questions and in time a discussion forum.

About Rishi
After living for twenty years with normal vision and hearing, I have lived for nearly the same duration with visual and hearing impairments. Confronting the limitations of allopathic remedies for visual impairments, coupled with my fondness for technology, has made me a strong believer in the power of technological innovations.

A cancer survivor, I lost my hearing and eyesight during that battle. My message of maintaining a positive attitude during difficult times is expressed through writing, public speaking and now The Seer.

Special thanks to my sister RS, and friends SK and MT for their gracious assistance creating this blog.