2018 ZoomText Magnifier PC (version 10)

Note: Due to many similarities and my experience with previous versions 
this post combines a discussion of ZoomText Magnifier (10) PC with earlier versions 
of the same software.

I have using different versions of ZoomText Magnifier for more than a 
decade. ZoomText has been every bit a life saver for me. ZoomText’s sharp 
full screen magnifier allowed me to continue my education, write 
free-lance, read articles, etc.  Without this software I would not be 
able to effectively read or write emails, or use similar apps for the 
purpose of long-distance communication.

One great aspect of each of the later ZoomText versions I have used is 
the software brings up a clear fully focused display no matter how high 
or low the magnification level. A second feature vital to writing 
documents or emails is called ‘text tracking.’ Here as one writes the 
display screen follows the text as it is being typed. If not for this 
feature, at a large level of magnification one would lose sight of the 
typed text as it moves further to the right side of the screen. Text 
would then reappear on the following line of the document. Such a 
scenario could confuse the user. Without text tracking it can be a pain 
to follow what is being typed. However, this can be done either by a cursor or arrow buttons.

ZoomText Magnifier 10, like its predecessors, doesn’t come without its 
flaws. As an example. depending on your choice of web browser ZoomText 
Magnifier 10 may not track text of your preferred email provider or web 
searches. Such is the case at times for me using Gmail with Chrome or 
Firefox browsers. On the other hand, switching browser could solve this 
issue. I have learned from years of using ZoomText that updates to one 
app can disturb the performance of ZoomText.

Another long-standing issue with ZoomText is the software doesn’t 
like staying stagnant on running web browsers or screen savers.  In 
these instances ZoomText doesn’t allow the PC to go to ‘sleep’ mode.  
Such is the case even with ZoomText Magnifier 10, the latest versions of 
program. When Chrome browser is being used and a website is left idle for a certain period of time the website tab can go ‘blank.’

The typical solution, although annoying at times, is closing or 
minimizing your web browser, followed by shutting down ZoomText until 
you are ready to get back to work.

It is worth sharing one final experience.  Prior to upgrading to 
ZoomText Magnifier 10, I recommend a PC with a faster processor and 
sufficient RAM, especially if you require ZoomText to be active at all 

Over the years, I have used many versions of Zoom Text, and each has 
been better than before.  Earlier versions had their share of problems 
including screen, or PC freezes, black screens, and slowdowns of all 
open software.

That said, when all components functioned seamlessly even older versions 
of ZoomText provided stable full screen magnification, text tracking and 
other features that allowed me to use my PC productively.

As of six to eight months using ZoomText Magnifier 10 on PC enabled with 
a higher performing processer I have only experienced technical issues related to ZoomText Magnifier 10 software conflicting with various web browsers.

Summing up: While ZoomText Magnifier 10 has its issue working together 
with other popular software, for visually impaired people and others who 
relay large text, ZoomText is not just ideal, but a necessity for 
productivity for your PC use. n

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