~2018 ZoomText Mac

In April 2018 I had the opportunity to try ZoomText Mac on a 13” MacBook Pro. I was eager for this opportunity. I had learned of the release of ZoomText Mac several years earlier. I have also observed numerous benefits and drawbacks of using various version of ZoomText Magnifier PC for more than ten years. After hearing plenty of praise about Mac OS from family and friend in past years and present my enthusiasm to give ZoomText a try on a Mac grew even higher.
Once I finally got to sit down with the Mac Book Pro, an undesirable sinking feeling began to set in. Like many PC users making the move to a Mac, I had a huge number of Microsoft Office documents, especially Microsoft Word documents on my PC which I wanted to transfer to the Mac and continue using Microsoft Office software through Microsoft Office Mac.

One of the most useful features of ZoomText for me is ‘text tracking.’ This feature allows the computer’s display to follow text as it is being typed rather than the screen staying stagnant making it appear as though what is being typed has ‘falling off the screen.’ Unfortunately, I learned that Microsoft Word Mac does not support this feature while ZoomText Mac is active.

Additionally, while testing ZoomText Mac I observed that some versions of Gmail (my primary email provided) do not track text when using the latest versions of web browser such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

Essentially, I learned the latest version of ZoomText Mac (2017) was not fully compatible with some third-party software and some websites which people may be used to navigating. 

However, ZoomText Mac magnification features work just as well when using Mac’s own Apps as it does on the latest editions of Zoom Text PC. Therefore, if you enjoy or at least are content using Apple’s own Apps such as Safari and Pages for word processing, and using the internet you will probably be quite pleased with ZoomText Mac.

Finally, Apple does include its own accessibility Apps in their computers, phones, and tablets. However, if you require a high display magnification, you may find font and graphics on your screen become blurry as you increase the magnification level of Apple’s built-in App..