~2017 Optelec Compact Mini

The Optelec Compact Mini is a portable favorite of mine. A very handy tool on the go. While the 4.3” display Optelec Compact+ or Compact + HD (also reviewed here) are quite acceptable when you are out shopping or at a restaurant, The Optelec Compact Mini’s 3.5” is less bulky in your pocket or hand bag but is very effective for reading price tags or menu items. A quick glance without having to bring the unit too close to the physical item you are looking to learn about in an easy and timely manner.

In my experience since the Optelec Compact Mini is small compared to it's siblings I find it important to loop the handle around my wrist. Thus, if I get sidetracked or am in a hurry while out and about it ensures this little beauty does not get left behind at any location. Since I use the Mini the majority of time for quick reading (not long form books or magazines) I find the unit’s built in rechargeable battery lasts impressively long.  This makes it not necessary to plug in the Compact Mini for change on a daily basis. The Optelec Compact Mini offers all the features of the Optelec Compact + including varying magnification levels, display color options and snap shot mode. The Compact Mini also features a built-in stand.

At only 4.7 ounces, a very handy device indeed.