~2017 Optelec Compact + HD

The Optelec Compact+ HD while fully redesigned possesses many similarities to its older sibling. the Optelec Compact +. The Optelec Compact+ HD features a newly designed body.  The Compact+ HD adds a High Definition camera and built in LED battery among other updates. The Optelec Compact+ HD’s display (4.3”) while the same size as its older sibling offers a far sharper and clearer view of items or documents than the company’s previous model. 

The built-in LED battery brings an extended battery life of 1 hour to the unit compared to the Optelec Compact+, and also limits the hassle of changing batteries.

Several features of the Optelec Compact+ carry over to the Compact+ HD including the 4.3” display, the array of color schemes, and the unit’s extendable arm.

However, the Compact+ HD offers additional built in memory to store photos for users who rely on or enjoy using the Snap Shot feature.

Overall the Optelec Compact+ HD is a well-designed re-model of the previous Optelec Compact +.