~2016 Samsung A7,

The Samsung A7 was my first use of Android Accessibility software on a phone. Relying on reading of the phone’s display, it was first important to find a device with a large screen. I find Samsung A7’s 5.7” screen a fine balance between largest and smallest display sizes available.  I noticed I could bring Android’s zoom magnifier App, found in the Accessibility settings of the phone to my desired settings with relative ease.

The Zoom magnifier lets me read and write texts with relative ease. I often use Android’s voice to text feature to draft text messages, and emails and then the Zoom magnifier to edit if necessary.

While learning finger gestures and performing them correctly to manipulate the device’s display settings takes practice (one tap, or touch, could mess up the magnification setting you have created), I do find Android’s Accessibility Zoom magnifier app more stable and easier to use than that of the multiple steps needed for Apple’s Accessibility Zoom magnifier. This is due to the time and process needed to manipulate Apple’s magnification App due, in part, to its excessive and difficult to understand options.