~2016 Freedom Science table-top CCTV

When I first saw the Freedom Science table top CCTV assembled at my office my first thought was of the unit’s childlike ‘plasticy,’ colorful knobs and dials. While featuring an impressive HD display I thought that the mostly plastic body seemed like a downgrade to the older Optelec table-top CCTV I had become used to for almost a decade.             

After sitting down with the Freedom Science table-top CCTV, I conceded my initial reaction was somewhat harsh.

The Freedom Science table-top CCTV offers a clear and bright auto-focus HD display. The knob colors are practical, allowing a person to understand the functionality of each knob, button, and dial, by color scheme and not by  written word. The Freedom Science table-top CCTV features multiple magnification levels (1x to 16x), black on white, white on black and standard color options as well tint or shade adjustment. The latter for which I feel is of limited use. The unit also features an attached adjustable table that can be locked in place in any desired location. This feature allows users to hand write on documents, view multiple documents at one time, or perform other desired tasks.

All in all, the Freedom Science table-top CCTV is a worthy, easy to use and very useful unit.