~2012 iPhone 5

 I used the iPhone 5 for its built-in accessibility features. For my purposes the only accessibility feather that could be of benefit to me was the Zoom magnifier. I used the iPhone 5 to read and send text messages and emails.  At 4 inches iPhone 5’s screen size was too small for me to comfortably read news articles on websites or long emails. Accessing and using Apple iPhone 5’s Accessibility features including the Zoom magnifier while simple, were still somewhat confusing. It was a process that needed time and a ‘learning curve’ to make the unit effective and useful for me.

iPhone 5 was a great for its simplicity and Accessibility features.

It is worth noting Apple added additional features to their Zoom magnifier app in future iPhones. I feel these additional apps  make the Zoom Magnifier far more difficult to use especially for visually impaired user because the updated features require the user to read written instructions that at the start of the process  are not  able to be  magnified. . 


  1. I understand that setting the magnification was difficult, but once set, was it easy to use, or did you have to reset the magnification every time you switched it on?

    1. That is a god question. After learning required hand gestures Mac's original Zoom magnifier app was actually quite simple and to use. What made the iPhone 5 with the Zoom magnifier enabled difficult to use was simply the small size of the phones display.e.


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