~2009 Optelec Compact +,

I found the Optelec Compact+ to be a very useful device. I used the Compact+ primarily to read printed materials like newspaper and magazines. The Compact+’s 4.3” screen allowed me bring the unit with me to restaurants to read menus and museums to read and learn about featured artifacts and displays.

In addition, when the Optelec Compact+’s arm is extended, you can hold the unit further away from the material you are reading. This helps when checking prices while shopping, or managing items at home. I recently started baking cookies. With the Compact +’s arm extended it has made it easier for me to read values on measuring spoons, as well as accurately locate ingredients stored in cluttered kitchen cabinets.

Powered by two removable recharge able batteries, the Optelec Compact+ can be used for about three hours. The Compact+ offers four color contrast option, standard, black and white, yellow and blue, and yellow and black. When reading the newspaper, I primarily use the black and white setting. If there are color photos in a magazine or a menu, I may switch to the standard view.. It can be used as is, or with the attached handle folded out. This feature along with the snapshot mode are two that I rarely find the need to use for standard reading.

The Optelec Compact+ is a handy, versatile unit that served me well and should do the same for others who may find the need for a boost in magnification while reading or doing household work.