~2007 ZoomEX

I received the Zoom-EX about ten years ago.  I thought Zoom-EX was an exciting unit full of potential. Zoom-EX’s size and portability makes it ideal for smaller spaces. Zoom-EX is a portable table-top CCTV.

The unit is also capable of scanning text from books or documents to a computer, connection to a PC via USB 2.0 port. Zoom-EX includes its own software that must be installed. Upon trying Zoom-EX,
I found the unit featured out dated software and hardware. The scanning process is a bit slow and it is difficult to stabilize books or textbooks if you are trying to either use the unit as a CCTV or to scan material.  While testing Zoom-EX I noticed the camera and stand to be a little flimsy.

In other words, it is stable when set up on a table. However, while flipping pages, holding reading material in place and reading a display screen, it is quite possible one may mistakenly knock the Zoom-EX unit right over mid use.  

Otherwise Zoom-EX is a very good portable ideal for smaller work spaces. The unit could benefit from both hardware and software upgrades.