~2005 Optelec Table top CCTV

My first experience with a table-top (closed circuit television (CCTV) was with an Optelec table top CCTV. I received the Optelec table top CCTV as a used product. This was a unit had probably been used for several years before I obtained it.  The unit was probably made well before high definition  (HD) CCTV’s arrived to the public. It had a box style TV screen attached to a rudimentary frame and system.  Nevertheless, the unit’s mechanics and features were great. I was able to read novels and textbooks albeit with relative comfort. The Optelec Table-top CCTV featured multiple zoom lengths, color options and tint, or shade options. It featured metal runners that not only made the unit feel sturdy, but also allowed the reading table to move smoothly and had the ability to lock the table. The table lock feature is useful when one needs to input handwritten text onto documents. It is also helpful when one wishes to focus the magnifier on a specific portion of a document.

I used the Optelec table-top CCTV for about 10 years before it had to be replaced due to technical problems.