~2010 iPad 1

The iPad 1 was an advance in many ways to older tablets I had used.  It had a faster processor, a brighter screen and many features beyond the ability to write on-screen  hand written notes for which I would respond to verbally when communicating face to face with a person. I was able to read and write emails, read books downloaded to the tablet, as well as accesses the internet. It was a lighter weight device than the Motion Technology/Gateway Technologies tablet I had previously used.

 It should be noted that while Apple iPad 1 and Motion Technology tablets listed similar display sizes the aspect ratio of iPad made the unit’s display size an inch or narrower than its listed 10.1 inch size.

The iPad 1 like iPhone 5 was the first iPad to feature Accessibility features. The Zoom magnifier and overall display size made it possible and easier for me to read from the screen for longer periods of time.