~2005 Gateway Tablet,

I used the Motion Technology tablet to make it easier for me to have face-to-face conversation with friends, family and acquaintances.  The units 10.1” display and built-in stylus allowed others to write notes by hand directly on the device's display at a size and color that did not strain my eyes. I then read and respond to these notes verbally.

Before using the Motion Technology/Gateway Tablet I would use a paper note book for face to face communication. And prior to the notebook I used a whiteboard and pen. The dust created each time one erased the board would irritate my eyes and nose.

The Motion Technology/Gateway tablet is cleaner and more environmentally friendly option if you need hand written notes to communicate face to face with your friends and family.


  1. How long did you have this. It seems well advanced during this period as other tablets had not come out. What did you replace it with?

    1. I used the gateway/Motion Technology tablet for three or four years. When the battery died. I replaced the unit with similar used versions of Motion Technology tablets. Ultimately, I replaced Motion Technology tablets with iPad 1 a few months after its release.


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